a pandemic of confirmation bias

COVID-19 proves you right-- and this isn't a good thing.

It's time to admit you were right. Every single one of you.

COVID-19 represents the end of offices and neoliberalism. The final fall of the deep state, and both the ascension and decline of the West.

If you thought about pandemics at any point in the last decade ― while reading an article about bacteria-resistant superbugs, or as you checked off that gen bio requirement ― you were right.

Your entire worldview and theory of history is, undeniably, correct.

The irony here is that none of this is ironic. COVID is about the furthest thing from a black swan imaginable ― a veritable buffet of confirmation bias for whoever cares to sit down and dig in.

Any theory of history, given a weak enough epistemic spine and a margin of error, saw this coming. So as folks take victory laps celebrating their perceptivity, let us remember that predicting the past by no means indicates they’ll be any better at seeing what comes next. In fact, likely the opposite.

What next? That’s the only question that matters now, and the past isn't helping us. So let us be careful of mask-wearing charlatans, no matter how early they put those masks on.